2013 CDPW Coaches Education Program
2013 Field Availability Form
2013 Coaches Certification Form
2013 National Pop Warner Calendar
2013 MPR Requirements
7 on 7 Passing League Rules
2013 League Info - Spirit
2013 Parental Behavior
2013 ID Card Template
2013 Age/Weight Divisions
2013 MPR Sheet
2013 CDPW Association Financial Data Sheet
2013 Association Registration
2013 Waiver Form
2013 Cheer Equipment Inventory List
2013 Football Equipment Inventory List
Capital District Code of Conduct
2013 Flag Game Guide
2013 Commissioners Game Guide
2013 Team Registration Form

2013 Initial Injury Report
(this form must be completed for any injury occurring at a CDPW event)
2013 Request for Certificate of Insurance
(complete this form to request a Certificate of Insurance, form may be emailed to the
CDPW Insurance Coordinator at Justine Menge)
Insurance Claim Form and Instructions
2013 Medical Claim Form
(Please complete this form as described on the included instructions.)

Background Check Forms
2013 Volunteer Application
2013 Association Affidavit
2013 League Affidavit
Background Check FAQ

Pop Warner Forms

2013 Coaches Risk Management
2013 Event Request Form
2013 League/Flag Registration
2013 Medical/Physical Form
2013 Player/Participant Contract
2013 Absentee Form
2013 Age/Weight Divisions
2013 Grading Conversion Chart
2013 Patch Placement
2013 All American Scholar Application
2013 Scholastic Eligibility Form
2013 Home School Eligibility Form
2013 Scholar Rules
2013 All American Submission Form
2013 Confirmation of Compliance with Background Checks
2013 CDCC Concussion fact sheet
2013 League One Information